WP1. System specification: The overall objective of this WP is to confirm the specifications for the CHAPLIN inspection system to be developed during the project.

WP2. NDT theoretical study and modelling: The development of the system for application on complex geometrical cable structures requires a good understanding of the theory behind wave propagation, For this reason, this WP is dedicated to theoretical studies and modelling.

WP3. Sensors and laboratory trials: This work package will translate the development from the numerical modelling into practice.

WP4. Wireless data communication and signal processing: The main aim of WP4 is enhance the quality of information obtained from the inspection data; this is by developing a software algorithm using advanced signal processing.

WP5. Power electronics and encapsulation: The main aim of WP5 is to develop hardware that can harvest the magnetic fields into electronic power as well as make sure that the electronic equipment is compatible with the environment appropriate to the operation of the cable.

WP6. System integration and testing: Due to the complexity of the development within the CHAPLIN project, the core objective of this WP is to integrate the different types of technologies within the project into a condition monitoring system

WP7. Site trials and demonstration: This work package will focus on conducting site trials, if possible, on a real live sample of the cable.

WP8. Consortium Management & Reporting to the REA: The overall objective of WP8 is to ensure that the project is managed in an effective and efficient manner and meets all obligations in term of budget, reporting, milestones and deliverables.

WP9. Dissemination & Exploitation: The overall objective of WP9 is to ensure that the project is fully disseminated and that appropriate exploitation plans are defined and implemented.